New women are warmly invited to come along to this ongoing Wellington support group
for discussion, support and weekly topics relating to depression.


Depression is a difficult and painful illness which is often very isolating.  At ThroughBlue you are not alone.  Women write ...

“Good to feel ‘not alone’ and understood.” 

“Very helpful to know I am not alone and have the support of others.”

“I thought I was the only person in the world who feels like that.”

“I came feeling so depressed and suicidal…talking, sharing, understanding…other people really helped me to feel not so isolated, alone and crazy.”

“This group is my life-line.”

“I found group very sympathetic. Made me feel much more ‘normal’. Thank you!”

“Therapeutic to talk about where I’m at.” 

Members of our group have seen that peer support for sufferers of depression is of great benefit, and that the social support it can give provides comfort and hope to women who sorely need it.  They write...

“The group has made a real difference in helping me start to turn things around.”

“I got some positive advice for a difficult time in my life.” 

“The weekly group gives a focus and a ‘go to’ point when all else seems unmanageable.”

“Felt at ease, anxiety levels dropped.”

 “Great support, it has really helped me.”

“It is the only place where I can say how it really is for me.”

Learning about yourself, depression and management techniques is valuable for recovery.  Your knowledge can be used for self monitoring and prevention over time.  Women say...

“I learn new tools from others’ experiences, suggestions, groundings and the topics.”

“Weekly topics like anger management are very useful.”

“It is a source of learning strategies that help me live a real life in the real world.”  

“Mother’ visualisation very inspiring – helpful to think about me in relation to my female relatives.”

“I could only confront my boss because I learned about ‘I-statements’ in the group.”

“Will help with combating internal self-criticism.” 

“I’ll keep my eye out for unhelpful parent-child transactions over the next week.”

“Good to get something that has been bugging me a long time out on paper.” 

“Fantastic topic – so much we could contribute to the conversation – really helpful to know that being too nice can have a negative impact on others as well as ourselves.” 

 “I hope I find some good use for the new ideas.” 

 “Another really good, thought-provoking session.”