New women are warmly invited to come along to this ongoing Wellington support group
for discussion, support and weekly topics relating to depression.

Support Groups

When do we meet?

We meet every Monday 6:30 - 8:30pm and every Friday 12:30 -2:30pm, in the central city, Wellington, New Zealand. Please fill out the online form to join here and you will be contacted by a volunteer within the next fortnight to arrange the next steps.  We look forward to hearing from you,

How much does it cost?

The groups are facilitated by a Senior professional counsellor and a training WelTec Student. The cost is $10 waged and $5 unwaged per meeting:
  • The donation attendees make toward the cost of our professionally run service, helps support the continuation of our service. 
  • We are grateful to those attendees who are able to contribute more that the $10 or $5 minimum. 
  • Tax receipts for donations can be provided annually on request as long as you remember to fill in your chit each week. Statement of Payment for WINZ can also be provided on request.

Who can attend?

Any woman in Wellington is welcome to attend our regular meetings - there is wide spectrum of experience of depression in the groups - from very mild to more severe. Some people may have experienced depression in the past and come along to help manage relapses. It is a very diverse group and ranges in number from week to week - from 3 to 14 people. It is a friendly and non-threatening environment and most newcomers find it to be very welcoming and inclusive. ThroughBlue is not affiliated with any religious organisation or church. You are welcome to participate as much as you wish in terms of talking about your experience, or to sit and observe without having to say anything, depending on what suits you. There is a structure to the meetings, with a new topic each week.

We employ the services of a professional qualified NZAC facilitator (counsellor) and a NZAC registered supervisor.

We are two friendly and supportive groups of women who have in some way experienced depression. We support people who take medication as well as those who do not. The group rules or agreements provide safety and are regularly revised. Women can attend as they choose – whether they come once in a while or every week – for short or long term.

We use an inclusive definition of “woman” and we welcome cis women, transwomen, genderqueer women, intersex and non-binary people who are significantly female-identified.

Structure of group meetings Friday (Monday):

  • 1:00pm (6:30pm)  Meditative grounding exercise
  • 1:10pm (6:40pm)  Opening round – each group members has 3-5 minutes to share how their week was, a highlight, did they achieve their goal, or anything else they'd like to say
  • 2:00pm (7:30pm)   Tea break (about 10 minutes)
  • 2:10pm (7:40pm)   Educational topic
  • 2:50pm (8:20pm)   Closing round - what you found useful, something you are looking forward to this week, possibility to set a goal for the week to come.
  • 3:00pm (8:30pm)    Finish

Group Agreement:


  • A $10 waged and $5 unwaged contribution is needed to help towards costs
  • Please switch mobile phones off or to silent mode
  • We start on Fridays at 1:00pm and Mondays at 6:30pm (please be seated by then) and finish at 3:00pm / 8:30pm
  • Please advise if you need to leave early
  • With total time shared, you may be restricted to five minutes in the opening round, depending on the number of people
  • Please wash your own cup

Safety and confidentiality:

  • What’s said here is confidential and not shared with anyone outside of the group, unless a facilitator believes it to be vital to someone’s safety
  • We don’t put down ourselves or others, in body language or words
  • We try to use “I” statements of our own experiences
  • Please avoid excessive swearing
  • You have the right to be silent and pass
  • We don’t interrupt others
  • We don’t give advice unless asked
  • You have the freedom to ask for no comments or feedback
  • If something is bothering you in the group, please talk to the person concerned or to a facilitator (it may be discussed in the group later)
  •  If there is something bothering you in the group, bring it out in the group or with the person.
  • If you feel disturbed or distressed please talk with a facilitator before you leave.


Monday/Friday groups - The meetings are held in a room upstairs with an accessible lift and accessible carparking available.

How can I come to group?

Click here to go to your contact page and apply by filling out the online form. A volunteer or counsellor will then be in contact with you to arrange the next steps. We look forward to hearing from you.